Jan 26 2009

Fantomas variant poster set by Alan Hynes

Fantomas variant poster set

Fan­tomas vari­ant poster set

Alan Hynes printed a vari­ant edi­tion of ten on clear film for the two Fan­tomas con­certs in Aus­tralia. These are being sold as a set with match­ing num­bers for $150 at the Secret Ser­pents web­site.


Jan 25 2009

Fantomas Melbourne poster by Alan Hynes

Fantomas Melbourne poster by Alan Hynes

Fan­tomas Mel­bourne poster by Alan Hynes

Alan Hynes is also print­ing the gig poster for the Fan­tomas con­cert on Jan­u­ary 25th, 2009 at the Palace in Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia. The edi­tion of 100 posters, signed & num­bered, look even bet­ter when dis­played together.

Alan has these for sale at the Secret Ser­pents web­site

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